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Design requires both Inspiration and personality. Only then will it gain its full character.

Behind the living concepts of steininger.designers stands the designers themselves. People with outstanding personalities and unique characters. 


Design & Concept

The team, which consists of interior designers, architects and product developers, are all fully committed to creating luxurious aesthetics by using a minimalist and purist approach, all the while, maintaining functionality. They are consistently developing flawless interiors, in both the residential and the business sector by combining STEININGER furniture with selected original pieces by exclusive partners. The result is, refined and refreshing.



All STEININGER furniture is produced in house at the headquarters in St. Martin Upper Austria. Their high-quality standards are clearly reflected in the materials they use such as, unique timbers, fine natural stones, anodized aluminium and urban concrete. STEININGER kitchens and furniture are at times even archaic in a sense. The time and thought put into every stage of every design, displays an intensity of artistic expression.



Our designers and project leaders are 100% involved in every aspect of the design from concept to completion and even beyond. Their roles expand past maintaining a competent overview of the project, they also coordinate all trades involved and manage each project meticulously to make sure that their extremely high standards are maintained during all phases of the project.

Producing a paramount level of service at all points during a project is their top priority and the overwhelming satisfaction of their clients is always the goal and incentive for every job.