Be everything you are.

Purism is the art of exclusion. The result should be less than more. More uniqueness, more Wow, more functionality and, even if it sounds contradictory, more coziness.


The interior design concepts from steininger.designers are stylish, tailor-made complete solutions that combine furniture from our on-site factory with high-end brands. Uncompromising in its superior craftsmanship, the furnishings are luxurious and incorporate captivating details and inspire vision with their puristic, timeless aesthetics.

Steininger brings a wealth of experience accumulated over the years and a wide range of products. "Our first task is to get to know and understand the customer. The challenge lies in conceptualizing the expectation the customers' have of their homes and to mirror their wishes using Steininger's signature style." M. Steininger.

Steininger's conceptual interior design is always oriented towards the resident. Depending on affinity and requirements, the Steininger team develops an individual concept for the entire interior space. The skilful modification of old to new is mastered, as is the implementation of a homogeneous stylistic direction, if desired. The Interior Design Concept addresses fundamental questions regarding the formal design of interior spaces, their structural breakdown, colour and lighting concepts as well as furniture and technology.