With its architectural designs, Steininger architecture stands for puristic, basic geometric shapes and clear lines—on the inside and out. Form always follows function, while fine materials, reduced clean-cut contours and a cosy interior create a unique living experience. Focus is placed on the essentials so that the essence of architecture can be effective.

Always thinking outside the box and meticulous down to the last detail, the architects of Steininger architecture plan and execute custom-made architectural projects according to the wishes and visions of the client.  Whether it is the realisation of your private dream home, a business premises or a real estate project, Steininger's team of qualified employees is available to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Everyone working together, they focus on the essentials, then the essence of architecture comes through. Reducing down to the clear and basic forms, makes way for the individual elements, precious materials and intelligent functionality. Timeless aesthetics. Made for living.




Your dreams.
Your house.
For a lifetime.